Sunday, September 10, 2017



How are you everyone?

I heard Mexico hit by earthquake and also hurricane Irma is coming to Florida...
I've been praying for both places.
I hope everybody is ok...

By the way, I've been preparing for my next show... that will be Connichi in Germany!
I never been to Germany so I am so excited!
Also they speak German so I've been preparing German background videos and practicing my talk during my show!!!
This is my first time listening German but it sounds cute♡
I hope they understand my poor German. I will do my best to practice to connect with them!

I like languages! Because of them, I feel like we could share same feelings. 
I think it's important to become more closer to the audience!

I like what I've been doing and I really appreciate all of your support.
Thank you very much to allow me to sing.
I love you all!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Las Vegas


How are you, everyone?

I went to LasVegas this week and it was super hot!!!
On my way to L.A, I saw highest temperature....118F! 
This is my first time experience this much hot temperature in my life!
Because of that, I enjoyed be in a pool~! There was two kind of pools.
One was Lazy River Pool and other one was Wave pool!
It was actually man made beach! Real sand were there and wave occurs in the pool! 
It was really cool~ not like real beach, my skin doesn't get sticky, neither :)

Also I saw a Cirque du Soleil show called Love!
The theme of this show was Beatles, so at the beginning I was kinda worried that they may lose Cirque de Soleil world and atmosphere by using Beatles songs but it was perfectly combined two in a good way! I was inspired and felt show finished quickly~!
It was fun!

At the same night, I met with my friends there and they took me to a Ferris Wheel!
It was big one and took long time to get back to the ground! It was fantastic night view from the sky~!! Thank you my friend!

Check out my InuYasha cover if you haven't checked it yet! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Anime Austin!


I performed at Anime Austin! It was my third time performing in Austin.
Maybe because Austin is a city of Music, the audience was so energetic and they know how to enjoy a J-POP concert! I was pretty amazed by them!

I felt idol fans are got together this time even among the guests! I was happy to see many idol or J-POP fans were there to support J-POP and Idols!

Also, all my Chii Sakurabi Official Glow Sticks were sold out!
It was so beautiful during my show... I really appreciate their support!

I liked Anime Austin! The staff was awesome and they treated us great.
Thank you very much Anime Austin!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

March Comes in Like a Lion!


Have you watched Anime called "March Comes in Like a Lion"?
In this Anime, main character is professional Shogi player.
He is really smart and won a rookie award as high school student!
I used to play Shogi little bit in elementary school but it's really difficult and you need to remember a lot of good moves.
So he always study by reading Shogi books and remember how to move the Shogi pieces.
I admire him!

Since I like this Anime, I decided to sing this opening song called "Sayonara Bystander"!
This song is sung by YUKI. She has a uniq voice and she is cute!
I hope you all like my cover song!
We shot this video in Tijuana, Mexico!
Enjoy~! Please leave a comment for me!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Card Captor Sakura!


Have you ever watched Anime called Card Captor Sakura?
I love that Anime~!
Sakura-chan and Cerberus are so cute! Especially, I like Sakura-chan's outfits! Everything she wears are super cute~! I even have a Nendoroid of her!
I used to watch this Anime when I was a kid and I admire her! She is super nice to everyone and cheerful...I always wanted to be her!!

I can't believe she is still in elementary school! Because she is so brave and mature!!I was shocked I watched this Anime again and realized she is still that young! My image of her was at least middle school student or high school student...

By the way, I covered Card Captor ending song called "Catch You Catch Me"!
So, please check this out and share this with your friends!!

In two more days, I am going to Tijuana, Mexico!!
I am super excited to meet you all~!!
See you at Japonawa 2017! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Summer Vacation


What is your summer vacation plan?
For me, I will go to Hawaii~! I love Hawaii because it's a beautiful place!
Blue sky and blue ocean, red hibiscus, white sand...all the colors are so beautiful as primary colors!
There's so many things I want to do back riding, snorkeling and swimming with turtles, zip line, parasailing and so on! I don't know how much I can do but I will write about it on my blog the things I actually do.
I also want to just take a nap on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves... That's the greatest treat I think~! What a peaceful time~...
I always tried to do what I want to do and can't have that kind of precious time, so I will try to keep in mind about it this time!

By the way, have you been watching Attack on Titan Season 2? It's been crazy~~~! >_<
I hope their world will eventually become peaceful...although it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon.  I really connect with the characters and I can imagine how stressful a life it must be for them. If only they had a peaceful place like Hawaii to go to..

Saturday, April 29, 2017



Today I went out with my friends and we all celebrate each others birthday since our birthdays are all close! This is really convenient!! lol
We went to a cafe and enjoyed gluten free lunch! I had a panini and some pastries! They were so delicious!! I know gluten free is good for some people and that could be me but I am too lazy to learn new whole recipes~(>_<)Seems like gluten free is good for most Japanese. I searched online about it the other day!
I never done the allergy test but I want to do it someday. Many of my friends actually done it and they follow the result. They try not to eat whatever they are allergic to and they said they feel better!!
That encouraged me to try it out! Have you ever done it before?
Anyway, it was warm day today in L.A, so my Decaf Cold Mocha Latte was so tasty~                              

After that we exchanged a present♡ I hope they like mine♡

Oh! Before that, I got my nail done! Did you see them on my SNS? I like the color~ Milky pink is so cute! It was a great day today!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

My upcoming shows!

How are you, everyone?

Are you still playing Pokemon GO?
I got 204 Pokemons now but it's getting harder now to get new Pokemons (>_<:)
How many did you guys get?

By the way, I will announce you my upcoming shows tonight!

My next show is in Tijuana, Mexico!! I will perform at Japonawa on May 20th!
After that, I will perform at Anime Austin in Austin, Texas on June 16 - 17th!

Tijuana is powerful city and closest city in Mexico from U.S.A but once you go there, you will feel it's really Mexico! They speak Spanish (not too many people speak English) and there's not too many road signs like in the U.S and we got lost once, lol.
It's nice city though! There's two Anime Cafes and a cat cafe, too!! I felt like I was in Japan for a moment^^*

For Austin, I had a great memory there! People are so supportive for all kinds of music since Austin is a city of music! Even though they never heard my songs or JPOP, they danced, jumped and were very excited!! I was so happy to see them enjoying my show! I hope I can connect with them again like last time!!

I will announce more shows in the future~!
So stay tuned!

Also if you want me to go and perform in your city, please write to the local Anime conventions from you through their website, Facebook or Twitter "I want Chii Sakurabi to perform there as a musical guest!" Then I may be show up!! Thank you for your support~!!


Monday, April 17, 2017

Love Live!

How are you everyone?

Today, the clouds were so low and moving fast! I felt like I was in a fantasy land~!

By the way, have you ever watched the Anime called Love Live?
I like that Anime so I decided to cover one of their songs!
Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki♡
Not only that, but I wore a Gloomy Bear kigurumi♡
I bought this in Shinjuku, Tokyo~!
Do you have a Kigurumi? Which one do you have?

I hope you like my cover!
Also if you have a YouTube account please leave a comment and I will appreciate it if you could share this cover song with your friends! 
If I get more views, likes and comments, I will get more motivation to keep doing this♡
Thank you for your support, everyone♡

Sunday, April 2, 2017



I performed at Connichiwa in Arizona!
It was awesome because I always love this Saguaro cactus which you can see in Arizona!
This is my first time performing there but second time visiting there!
I was so happy to going back to see Saguaro!

Somebody taught me it takes 50 years to grow Saguaro that big! If they have arms, they are 100 years old!! Wow!
Also you can't really move it. So if I really want it, I have to grow them from seeds!! I need a yard!!!

Staffs from convention were awesome, well organized, people over there were so nice so I really loved Connichiwa^^* I hope I can go back~!

By the way, I did recording for my new Anime Cover! Please look forward to it!
Did you already subscribed my Youtube account? There's two of them so don't confuse~!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Show in Mexico City, Mexico!!

I really enjoyed performing first time in Mexico City!
There were so many people like somebody told me~!!!
I really appreciated that TNT brought me back to Mexico.
Every time I visit Mexico, I come to more understand their culture, language and so on.
These steps to knowing more about Mexico is so precious for me.
I hope I can go back there again!

One of the staffs told me, this purple flower could be Sakura(Cherry Blossom) in Mexico, because it bloom only in this season and it's all over!!
I found so many similar things between Japan and Mexico!

On the last day, we went to Teotihuacan!
Since I am a Moon Princess, I had to climb  Pyramid of the Moon~~!!
It was a steep slope, so I had to rest a little bit on the top!

I really enjoyed this tour!!! I want to go to other pyramids and ruins!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My show in Monterrey


I went to Monterrey, Mexico and performed there!
It was so much fun♡This is my second time going to Monterrey, so I met my fans that I had met before!
Also I met many new people~ Everybody was so nice!

I met with Reika(Cosplayer) and Ruti-san(YouTuber)!
Reika is so talented and she can make her cosplay in one day!
She is now going to Chili! I hope I can get to go to Chili someday!
Ruti san is so talkative and she can speak forever!! I am not good at talking so much, so I admire her!

I met Ilonka(YouTuber/ Singer),too!
She is a good singer and cute personality! I am looking forward to meet her again in Mexico City! I liked her costume, too! Kawaii!

Also, I met with Sandyael (YouTuber).
She brought her two kids and they were super adorable!!!
She is a great mommy~ She was chasing them at the restaurant^^*

Then I met Kalathras (YouTuber)
He uploads a lot of videos on Youtube!
He works hard! I respect him~ I have to work hard, too!!

Finally, I met Adam Parada in Monterrey. He's a center for the Mexican National Basketball Team!He's 7 feet tall and used to play in the NBA and Japan as well!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monterrey, Mexico


I will perform at TNT Monterrey this weekend!
I am super excited to go back to Monterrey. This is my second time performing there!
Since I go to Mexico, I started learning Spanish little by little.
I am enjoying listening to people talk and recognizing words I know in Spanish. 
I am not good at remembering things but by repeatedly using words I know I am able to remember them :)
Spanish and Japanese pronunciation is closer than English and Japanese I think. 
So, for me it's easier to pronounce it but the problem is that there's so many ways to say a word in Spanish!!!! This makes Spanish complicated >_<;
I asked some people to translate one English sentence to Spanish and there were a few different answers!!
Of course, in Japanese there's different ways of saying one word sometimes so I can't complain...
Wish me luck with my Spanish, guys~@_@;

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!!

In Japan, Valentines Day is a day when girls give chocolates to boys and confess their love to them.
So, all boys are waiting anxiously :)
This is the historical way, but nowadays, girls started exchange "Tomochoco" which is exchanging chocolate among friends.
I used to make chocolate when I was a student. When I was an elementary school student, 6 girls including me liked one boy, so we went to his house after school and gave him a chocolate, but he didn't like sweets, so his mom ate all the chocolates!! lol

In exchange, boys give girls sweets next month. We call it "White Day". Popular sweets are marshmallows, because of advertisements from sweets companies, but when I was a kid, I didn't like it so much so if I got chocolate or other things I was happy~! lol

I thought other countries are same way but I found out it's really different!!

Also, in Christmas in Japan, we eat Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of Turkey. Because we don't eat Turkey in Japanese culture so it's really hard to get it and also advertisement of KFC!!
Because of the image of family get together and eating KFC, Sushi, and Christmas Cake. We all believe that's how you spend Christmas!!! lol

Japan and western countries are too far to know the full truth of their customs.
Japanese people are still enjoying the events so I guess it's ok~ :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Youtube Channel for Covers and Vlog


I just made my new Youtube Channel for Covers and Vlog!!
I have other Youtube account but I decided to separete covers and Vlog from others.
I don't want you to miss my new videos so please make sure to subscribe to my new channel~!!

Also, I made my first video cover already for my new account.
I covered Ariana Grande this time!

Actually, because this song is in English, so it was little bit difficult for me~
Maybe from next cover, I just choose Anime songs~!
Stay tuned, guys!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TNT Guadalajara!

This is actually Hello-lo!'s Spanish ver. (^^)
During my show in Mexico, Sakurabbit and Mini Chii greeted to the audience Hola-la! and it was. cute♡

I performed at TNT Guadalajara!

It was super fun!
One sad thing was the screen was separated into five parts, so Mini Chii and Sakurabbit were sometimes cut in half!!! OMG!!! lol
Sorry I don't have that picture of that, but this is the screen.

but it's nice screen, though! :) I like it!

I met with other guests!

Ilonka Obilinovic! (Youtuber/Singer)

She is funny and cute person! When I said you are cute! she corrected me "No I am cool like boys!".
After I sang, she gave me a thought candy :)
She is kind!!!

She is Ruti san! (Youtuber)

She lives in Niigata, Japan and making a lot of videos with her kids!
She is super nice and beautiful!
She is always thinking about what can she shoot video about and just act!
That's really encouraged me to post more videos, too! :)
Stay tuned lol

Adrian Barba (Singer)

He is really funny guy. He can become a comedian I think but he is a singer.

Pianime (Pianist)

I met them again! I think this is the third time performing at same venue!
They play Anime songs by Piano! I like their work~!

So, this weekend, I will go perform at TNT Monterrey! I am excited to see you all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I played PIKMIN 3!!
When I was a kid I heard PIKMIN theme song called "Ai no Uta" on TV but I never really played PIKMIN games! So this was my first time playing it.
The lyrics of "Ai no Uta"really has an impact. So I never forgot it. "Pulled out, fought, and get eaten...but I will follow you and do whatever you ask." E...eaten....

This game was really difficult because each day has a time limit and also we have to follow exactly what the game developer planned. Otherwise, the story won't go forward. Also I didn't want to leave PIKMIN on a planet behind because the other animal eats them... I was try my best to not to kill them but sometimes I had to close my eyes...
It's a little bit mean for a game!!
However, PIKMIN were super cute so I really loved this game!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hallo-lo! I went to Hello Kitty Cafe with my friend the other day!
It was a pop up cafe, but everything was so cute!
It was hard to choose which cake or drink I should get but I chose which ever I thought looked cute!

This is what I got! I fell in love with a Bow cookie!!! It was good! Look at the Hello Kitty on my hot chocolate!
This is the cafe! So much Hello-Kitty! Cute!

Box, bag, silver plate for tables, cups, napkin, and stirrer everything printed with Hello-Kitty!! 
Well designed!! I am impressed!

This cafe will be closed end of this month! So one of my friends asked me to go there! It was a super fun experience♡

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Natural History Museum in L.A


I went to a Natural History Museum the other day to see Dinosaurs!!
I loved to see Brontosaurus!! I uploaded the short video of him on my SNS! Did you see it?
I love to see Dinosaurs, horses, camels, pyramids and trains! Sounds like boy, huh?

There were beautiful stones, other animals, fish, birds and also they  exhibited history of Los Angeles! I found a movie machine which Walt Disney used to use!
After that, I got a Cold Stone ice cream ^^* Yay!
That was a fun day!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


How are you everyone?
As I explained before, Hallo-lo! is my special way of greet people~!
However in Mexico, it will be a little bit different!!
It will be "Hola-la"!

Now I am getting prepared for my shows in Mexico!

TNT Guadalajara 2/4-5
TNT Monterrey 2/18-19
TNT Mexico City 3/4-5

I am super excited to perform there!!! 
I will also bring new merchandise, too!
Like this glow sticks! There's two colors, pink and white, which are my theme colors! You can even change the holder part if you like. You can also change batteries to use them again!

I also got Cheki (credit card size instant photos) one of a kind pictures of me!! At my concert, we can take Cheki together, too!!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!