Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I played PIKMIN 3!!
When I was a kid I heard PIKMIN theme song called "Ai no Uta" on TV but I never really played PIKMIN games! So this was my first time playing it.
The lyrics of "Ai no Uta"really has an impact. So I never forgot it. "Pulled out, fought, and get eaten...but I will follow you and do whatever you ask." E...eaten....

This game was really difficult because each day has a time limit and also we have to follow exactly what the game developer planned. Otherwise, the story won't go forward. Also I didn't want to leave PIKMIN on a planet behind because the other animal eats them... I was try my best to not to kill them but sometimes I had to close my eyes...
It's a little bit mean for a game!!
However, PIKMIN were super cute so I really loved this game!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe

Hallo-lo! I went to Hello Kitty Cafe with my friend the other day!
It was a pop up cafe, but everything was so cute!
It was hard to choose which cake or drink I should get but I chose which ever I thought looked cute!

This is what I got! I fell in love with a Bow cookie!!! It was good! Look at the Hello Kitty on my hot chocolate!
This is the cafe! So much Hello-Kitty! Cute!

Box, bag, silver plate for tables, cups, napkin, and stirrer everything printed with Hello-Kitty!! 
Well designed!! I am impressed!

This cafe will be closed end of this month! So one of my friends asked me to go there! It was a super fun experience♡

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Natural History Museum in L.A


I went to a Natural History Museum the other day to see Dinosaurs!!
I loved to see Brontosaurus!! I uploaded the short video of him on my SNS! Did you see it?
I love to see Dinosaurs, horses, camels, pyramids and trains! Sounds like boy, huh?

There were beautiful stones, other animals, fish, birds and also they  exhibited history of Los Angeles! I found a movie machine which Walt Disney used to use!
After that, I got a Cold Stone ice cream ^^* Yay!
That was a fun day!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


How are you everyone?
As I explained before, Hallo-lo! is my special way of greet people~!
However in Mexico, it will be a little bit different!!
It will be "Hola-la"!

Now I am getting prepared for my shows in Mexico!

TNT Guadalajara 2/4-5
TNT Monterrey 2/18-19
TNT Mexico City 3/4-5

I am super excited to perform there!!! 
I will also bring new merchandise, too!
Like this glow sticks! There's two colors, pink and white, which are my theme colors! You can even change the holder part if you like. You can also change batteries to use them again!

I also got Cheki (credit card size instant photos) one of a kind pictures of me!! At my concert, we can take Cheki together, too!!

I am looking forward to seeing you there!