Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I played PIKMIN 3!!
When I was a kid I heard PIKMIN theme song called "Ai no Uta" on TV but I never really played PIKMIN games! So this was my first time playing it.
The lyrics of "Ai no Uta"really has an impact. So I never forgot it. "Pulled out, fought, and get eaten...but I will follow you and do whatever you ask." E...eaten....

This game was really difficult because each day has a time limit and also we have to follow exactly what the game developer planned. Otherwise, the story won't go forward. Also I didn't want to leave PIKMIN on a planet behind because the other animal eats them... I was try my best to not to kill them but sometimes I had to close my eyes...
It's a little bit mean for a game!!
However, PIKMIN were super cute so I really loved this game!!

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