Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monterrey, Mexico


I will perform at TNT Monterrey this weekend!
I am super excited to go back to Monterrey. This is my second time performing there!
Since I go to Mexico, I started learning Spanish little by little.
I am enjoying listening to people talk and recognizing words I know in Spanish. 
I am not good at remembering things but by repeatedly using words I know I am able to remember them :)
Spanish and Japanese pronunciation is closer than English and Japanese I think. 
So, for me it's easier to pronounce it but the problem is that there's so many ways to say a word in Spanish!!!! This makes Spanish complicated >_<;
I asked some people to translate one English sentence to Spanish and there were a few different answers!!
Of course, in Japanese there's different ways of saying one word sometimes so I can't complain...
Wish me luck with my Spanish, guys~@_@;

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