Thursday, February 23, 2017

My show in Monterrey


I went to Monterrey, Mexico and performed there!
It was so much fun♡This is my second time going to Monterrey, so I met my fans that I had met before!
Also I met many new people~ Everybody was so nice!

I met with Reika(Cosplayer) and Ruti-san(YouTuber)!
Reika is so talented and she can make her cosplay in one day!
She is now going to Chili! I hope I can get to go to Chili someday!
Ruti san is so talkative and she can speak forever!! I am not good at talking so much, so I admire her!

I met Ilonka(YouTuber/ Singer),too!
She is a good singer and cute personality! I am looking forward to meet her again in Mexico City! I liked her costume, too! Kawaii!

Also, I met with Sandyael (YouTuber).
She brought her two kids and they were super adorable!!!
She is a great mommy~ She was chasing them at the restaurant^^*

Then I met Kalathras (YouTuber)
He uploads a lot of videos on Youtube!
He works hard! I respect him~ I have to work hard, too!!

Finally, I met Adam Parada in Monterrey. He's a center for the Mexican National Basketball Team!He's 7 feet tall and used to play in the NBA and Japan as well!

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