Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TNT Guadalajara!

This is actually Hello-lo!'s Spanish ver. (^^)
During my show in Mexico, Sakurabbit and Mini Chii greeted to the audience Hola-la! and it was. cute♡

I performed at TNT Guadalajara!

It was super fun!
One sad thing was the screen was separated into five parts, so Mini Chii and Sakurabbit were sometimes cut in half!!! OMG!!! lol
Sorry I don't have that picture of that, but this is the screen.

but it's nice screen, though! :) I like it!

I met with other guests!

Ilonka Obilinovic! (Youtuber/Singer)

She is funny and cute person! When I said you are cute! she corrected me "No I am cool like boys!".
After I sang, she gave me a thought candy :)
She is kind!!!

She is Ruti san! (Youtuber)

She lives in Niigata, Japan and making a lot of videos with her kids!
She is super nice and beautiful!
She is always thinking about what can she shoot video about and just act!
That's really encouraged me to post more videos, too! :)
Stay tuned lol

Adrian Barba (Singer)

He is really funny guy. He can become a comedian I think but he is a singer.

Pianime (Pianist)

I met them again! I think this is the third time performing at same venue!
They play Anime songs by Piano! I like their work~!

So, this weekend, I will go perform at TNT Monterrey! I am excited to see you all!

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