Saturday, April 29, 2017



Today I went out with my friends and we all celebrate each others birthday since our birthdays are all close! This is really convenient!! lol
We went to a cafe and enjoyed gluten free lunch! I had a panini and some pastries! They were so delicious!! I know gluten free is good for some people and that could be me but I am too lazy to learn new whole recipes~(>_<)Seems like gluten free is good for most Japanese. I searched online about it the other day!
I never done the allergy test but I want to do it someday. Many of my friends actually done it and they follow the result. They try not to eat whatever they are allergic to and they said they feel better!!
That encouraged me to try it out! Have you ever done it before?
Anyway, it was warm day today in L.A, so my Decaf Cold Mocha Latte was so tasty~                              

After that we exchanged a present♡ I hope they like mine♡

Oh! Before that, I got my nail done! Did you see them on my SNS? I like the color~ Milky pink is so cute! It was a great day today!

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