Sunday, April 2, 2017



I performed at Connichiwa in Arizona!
It was awesome because I always love this Saguaro cactus which you can see in Arizona!
This is my first time performing there but second time visiting there!
I was so happy to going back to see Saguaro!

Somebody taught me it takes 50 years to grow Saguaro that big! If they have arms, they are 100 years old!! Wow!
Also you can't really move it. So if I really want it, I have to grow them from seeds!! I need a yard!!!

Staffs from convention were awesome, well organized, people over there were so nice so I really loved Connichiwa^^* I hope I can go back~!

By the way, I did recording for my new Anime Cover! Please look forward to it!
Did you already subscribed my Youtube account? There's two of them so don't confuse~!

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