Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Card Captor Sakura!


Have you ever watched Anime called Card Captor Sakura?
I love that Anime~!
Sakura-chan and Cerberus are so cute! Especially, I like Sakura-chan's outfits! Everything she wears are super cute~! I even have a Nendoroid of her!
I used to watch this Anime when I was a kid and I admire her! She is super nice to everyone and cheerful...I always wanted to be her!!

I can't believe she is still in elementary school! Because she is so brave and mature!!I was shocked I watched this Anime again and realized she is still that young! My image of her was at least middle school student or high school student...

By the way, I covered Card Captor ending song called "Catch You Catch Me"!
So, please check this out and share this with your friends!!

In two more days, I am going to Tijuana, Mexico!!
I am super excited to meet you all~!!
See you at Japonawa 2017! 

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