Saturday, May 27, 2017

March Comes in Like a Lion!


Have you watched Anime called "March Comes in Like a Lion"?
In this Anime, main character is professional Shogi player.
He is really smart and won a rookie award as high school student!
I used to play Shogi little bit in elementary school but it's really difficult and you need to remember a lot of good moves.
So he always study by reading Shogi books and remember how to move the Shogi pieces.
I admire him!

Since I like this Anime, I decided to sing this opening song called "Sayonara Bystander"!
This song is sung by YUKI. She has a uniq voice and she is cute!
I hope you all like my cover song!
We shot this video in Tijuana, Mexico!
Enjoy~! Please leave a comment for me!

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