Saturday, July 15, 2017

Las Vegas


How are you, everyone?

I went to LasVegas this week and it was super hot!!!
On my way to L.A, I saw highest temperature....118F! 
This is my first time experience this much hot temperature in my life!
Because of that, I enjoyed be in a pool~! There was two kind of pools.
One was Lazy River Pool and other one was Wave pool!
It was actually man made beach! Real sand were there and wave occurs in the pool! 
It was really cool~ not like real beach, my skin doesn't get sticky, neither :)

Also I saw a Cirque du Soleil show called Love!
The theme of this show was Beatles, so at the beginning I was kinda worried that they may lose Cirque de Soleil world and atmosphere by using Beatles songs but it was perfectly combined two in a good way! I was inspired and felt show finished quickly~!
It was fun!

At the same night, I met with my friends there and they took me to a Ferris Wheel!
It was big one and took long time to get back to the ground! It was fantastic night view from the sky~!! Thank you my friend!

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